Yakamoz Hotel and Restaurant, Ovacik are opening their doors for the 2016 season this Friday and their award winning chef Kenan is planning some great dishes for the season that you can experience.

Yakamoz Hotel and Restaurant

In the tranquillity of Ovacik, a valley that meanders between the bustling town of Fethiye and Turkey’s favourite beach, Ölüdeniz, and what’s more, thanks to Mendos and Babadağ, has one of the most amazing mountain backdrops in Turkey, the warm spring weather has arrived.

Yakamoz Hotel and Restuarant - A garden full to bursting with flowers
A garden full to bursting with flowers

Yakamoz Hotel and Restuarant – bursts into life

Yakamoz Hotel and RestaurantEverywhere in this verdant and uniquely alpine region of the coastline, nature is bursting into life.

But not only are there birds, singing loudly while building their nests and bees visiting the abundance of flowers to gather pollen, Mehmet Güven and his team at Yakamoz Hotel are also busy working hard to prepare the hotel and restaurant for the busy summer ahead.

Yakamoz Hotel and RestaurantOver the years, the gardens surrounding Yakamoz Hotel have matured and now, with the first warm rays of sunshine, flowers bloom with a scent that overwhelms the senses and an energy that is almost tangible.

Yakamoz Hotel and Restaurant

Yakamoz Hotel and Restaurant – Kitchen garden

Yakamoz Hotel and Restuarant - Master chef, Kenan Yeşil, with his Chef Mavi Gold award, in the courtyard at Yakamoz
Master chef, Kenan Yeşil, with his Chef Mavi Gold award, in the courtyard at Yakamoz

And it’s not just flowers. Tucked away behind the hotel, Mehmet has created a kitchen garden, which means the lucky guests who eat in his restaurant not only get some of the best food around, much of the produce is home-grown and chemical free.

With all the herbs and fresh produce he could want right on his doorstep, the Yakamoz Chef, Kenan Yeşil, is working with Mehmet to plan the restaurant’s new menu.

Yakamoz Hotel and Restuarant – Award winning chef

Yakamoz Hotel and Restuarant - Mehmet Güven and Kenan Yeşil
Mehmet Güven and Kenan Yeşil

This winter Kenan added to his many accolades when he won a gold medal, which was awarded jointly with two other local chefs, as part of Fethiye’s Chef Mavi initiative.

Yakamoz hotel and Restuarant - Kenan putting the finishing touches to a prize winning dish for Chef Mavi
Kenyan putting the finishing touches to a prize winning dish for Chef Mavi

Yakamoz Hotel and RestaurantHe assures us that although all the most popular dishes will still be available, he also some exciting plans to add some new tastes and flavours for his customers.

Yakamoz Hotel and Restuarant – The best marmalade

Yakamoz hotel and Restuarant - In our opinion it's the best marmalade around...
In our opinion it’s the best marmalade around…

Incidentally, in our opinion Kenan should also win a prize for his amazing marmalade, which he makes every winter from the hotel’s own crop of oranges and lemons!

Yakamoz Hotel and Restaurant Opening this Friday

Yakamoz Hotel and RestaurantThere’s plenty of activity going on outside the kitchen too: walls are getting a lick of lime wash, so everywhere is bright and white for the summer.

The swimming pool is being filled and the tables and chairs are getting an airing.

Yakamoz Restaurant opens for customers tomorrow and Mehmet has just a few tables left, so don’t forget to reserve your table.

yakamaoz hotel and Restuarant vine leaves
Are you ready for those delicious rolled vine leaves?

Yakamoz Hotel and Restuarant To learn more…

If you would like to experience a different kind of holiday or book a table for dinner, visit the Yakamoz website by clicking on the advert to the right and above of this article.

This is a sponsored advertorial brought to you in association with Yakamoz Hotel and Restaurant.

Written by Jane Akatay


  1. Really enjoyed reading all the above.We have had 4 terrific holidays at Yakamoz & hope to return next year.Gretat to read about the Kitchen garden & Kenan is a brilliant & creative Chef, with a real eye for detail &keeps the kitchen immaculately clean. mehmet, Adem & team are all very welcoming & run a lovely & relaxing small hotel. We have stayed twice in Limon Cottage, & that is always a peaceful haven & immaculate.
    Our Son & his Fiancee have visited recently & been made most welcome for lunch.