You don’t have to be an eco warrior or hardened survivalist to enjoy the versatile and easy to fuel BioLite campstove.

We love cooking alfresco and bought this BioLite cooker because it uses free and readily available fuel, it boils water, cooks food, looks great and generates electricity too!

BioLite – A Techy Stove

Unlike a traditional BBQ that can only cook for a limited time this baby is easy to fuel, produces a reliable and controllable temperature to cook on and produces only a small amount of ash as a by-product.

Not only that a by-product of that heat is electricity. Free electricity that can be used via its universal USB socket so you can charge your phone, power a light or charge up your iPod.

For those who crave the tech specs it produces 2 watts and 5 volts when it’s going via its thermoelectric generator.

That electricity also powers a two stage fan that blasts air into the combustion area to produce a nice hot fire.

Easy Free Fuel

Fuelling is so easy. It runs off what is now termed ‘biomass’, that’s twigs, wood, nut kernels and anything else that is natural and will burn to you and me.

The best thing about biomass, other than it is green and carbon neutral, is that those burnable things can be found just lying around for free.

So no gas, charcoal or other fuel to buy or carry with you, or come to that to run out of in the middle of a big cook up.

Those biomass items can just be dropped in the top and, with the help of that fan, they will burn really hot so it only leave a small amount of residual ash.

On the Blower

With the fan blowing a full speed we took a temperature reading using a laser thermometer when the stove was in full flow and recorded 345 degrees centigrade. Now that’s hot.

Now That’s Cooking!

Watch the video below of us setting up, lighting and cooking some tasty morsels using the grill accessory.

Using the Biolite portable stove BBQ from fethiyetimes on Vimeo.

Up Next – Testing the Phone Charging Capabilities of the BioLite Stove

In part 2 we will look at the off-grid electricity generating facility and test how long it takes to charge an iPhone.

We will also look one of the accessories we received with our BioLite campstove, a LED light.