Today is Halloween, a day that millions across the UK and the US celebrate with a party and a feast.

Our first though was to call this story A pumpkin is for than just for Halloween but it seems loads of others had beaten us to it… oh well.

Although Halloween is not celebrated in Turkey, many of Fethiye’s British settlers will be whooping it up this evening – and what better place could there be for making pumpkin lanterns?

Fethiye’s pumpkin fest

It’s really unfortunate if you aren’t in Fethiye at the moment because the shops and markets are crammed full of them: all shapes and sizes are on display, just waiting to be made into enormous glowing masks and much more besides.

We were particularly impressed by the display we saw at Akgünlük on the main Fethiye to Ölüdeniz road.

The pumpkins on display at Akgünlük
The pumpkins on display at Akgünlük

Piles of plump pumpkins

But, for those of you who like to bring your western customs with you, what do you do with the insides of your pumpkin? Please don’t say you throw all that lovely tasty fragrant pumpkin flesh… not forgetting the seeds of course…

Making the most of your Halloween pumpkin

A pumpkin feast

There are so many recipes using pumpkins that you can make a three (or more) course feast with pumpkin as the star.

We have found some of our favourite recipes on line, similar to the ones we use at home, so here you are:

A delicious pumpkin soup from Özlem’s Table (there are lots of other pumpkin recipes too).

A delicious soup from Özlem's Table
A delicious soup from Özlem’s Table

Türkay’s recipe for garlicky pumpkin slices:

Cut the pumpkin flesh into 1cm slices and cover in flour. Fry in hot olive oil until golden, drain (we put them of a few sheets of kitchen paper) and then sprinkle with a sauce made from smashed raw garlic and nar ekşisi (fermented pomegranate sauce) and a light dusting of pul biber (chilli flakes).

Savory Turkish pumpkin pastries

Fresh baked vegetarian rolls ready to serve.
Fresh baked vegetarian rolls ready to serve.

And one from the great Yotam Ottolenghi himself, which isn’t Turkish but is too good to miss!

Then there’s the sweet one everyone loves, especially with lots of Turkish walnuts and masses of kaymak (Turkish clotted cream).

sweet pumpkin with a slice of Turkey's famous kayak (clotted cream)
sweet pumpkin with a slice of Turkey’s famous kayak (clotted cream)

Still feeling hungry?

Now for the seeds…

A different take on pumpkin seeds
A different take on pumpkin seeds

We agree with Jamie Oliver that those seeds are simply delicious, so while you have the oven on why not roast them?

And if you still have a hankering for some pumpkin why not try pumpkin beauty treatments?

You'll have to be patient but it looks and tastes delicious
You’ll have to be patient but it looks and (eventually) tastes delicious

Smashed pumpkins

You can even drink pumpkin. 

A Halloween face mask perhaps?

Its amazing what you can do with the insides of a pumpkin.

Pumpkin pie face scrub
Pumpkin pie face scrub

Whatever you do with yours we hope you all have loads of  pumpkin fun this week end!

Afiyet olsun!