Not only is this little traditional Turkish pot essential for making traditional Turkish coffee, it can also save you money… Let us explain.

Small is Good

No Turkish home would be complete without a range of 'Cezve'. They are the small pots used to make Turkish coffee.

You pronounce it 'jezveh' – remember 'c' in Turkish is always pronounced 'j'.

multi-purpose Cezve

They come in a range of sizes according to how many cups of Turkish coffee they will produce.


But we have found they have more than one use!

multi-purpose Cezve

If you want boil a small amount of water for a cup of instant coffee or a cup of tea – boil up a cup full in your cezve.

Need to boil an egg? You can do so in record time using a slightly larger cezve.

Need to decant some soup or liquid from a larger container? The Cezve can be used like a ladle.

It takes less gas/electric to heat the contents of a cezve than it would for a saucepan so that saves gas and therefore money.

Where to Buy

As you can imagine, such a popular item that can be found in every Turkish home, is available in many retail outlets.

Many of the supermarkets sell them from around 7 TL, kitchen shops, pound shops- OK Lira shops – and in the Tuesday market too – sometimes as part of a Turkish coffee set.

So buy a Cevze and start to enjoy the world of versatile cooking and decanting opportunities!