Fancy joining the mile high dining club? Then read on as we tell you about a unique dining experience near Oludeniz, Fethiye.

A  Mile High

The opening of Zirve Café (summit in Turkish) means that visiting the 1,700 metre takeoff point on Babadağ is no longer the prerogative of paragliders if, in reality, it ever was.

As evening approaches, the simple snack bar is transformed as white linen tablecloths cover the café’s formica tables and the smell of the mixed grill being barbecued cuts through the cool mountain air with mouth-watering effect.

Arrive late in the afternoon to the appetizing sight of the night’s main course being expertly prepared by Zirve’s chef.

But tasty traditional Turkish food is only one of the reasons why the winding journey up the forested mountain road is an absolute must for residents and holidaymakers alike.

Simple but tasty food-1
Simple but tasty food

Breathtaking Views

Perched on the summit of Babadağ, Zirve Café is almost exactly a mile above the coastal resort of Ölüdeniz and the breathtaking panoramas of land and sea are so absolutely stunning, only the deeply acrophobic would not find a visit a deeply moving experience, verging on the spiritual.

Most people blissfully admit to being overwhelmed by the sight of the rugged countryside and the Mediterranean in all its magical, mystical glory. But it is the sunset that really stirs the soul.

And, of course, there are always the paragliders on their last flight of the day, taking off next to the café or at the 1,900-metre summit. Watching them soar above the mountain, floating effortlessly through the evening air before slowly descending to Belcekız beach in Ölüdeniz, where they land, simply adds to the awesome spectacle.

Fethiye Güç Birliği, part of Fethiye’s Chamber of Commerce, and now contracted to run the business side of Babadağ has, for the first time ever, made this unique location easily accessible for everyone.

Unique Dining Experience Oludeniz

It is early days for the café, which some way to go before it reaches its own gastronomic summit but if it were only the view that counted it would already be a five star location, for sure.

Dinner is a set price with a set menu and table reservation is essential.

The chef will have already made some tasty cold meze and a salad that appear on your table. He will be in the process of barbecuing a great mixed grill, which is certainly value for money.

There is a vegetarian option too (grilled, stuffed mushrooms), both choices served with bulgur, grilled peppers and tomatoes.

There are two set menus to choose from details of which are at the end of the article.

Make sure you take some warm clothes, as even when the coast is sweltering in August sun, a fleece is a must at this altitude.

But don’t worry, the café also have a supply of pashminas and blankets for diners that come unprepared.

Mile high dining is a wonderful experience
Mile high dining is a wonderful experience

Coming back down to earth

Take advantage of the comfortable air- conditioned transport on offer if you do want to drink alcohol or are wary of tackling what is after all a pretty challenging drive and not for the faint hearted.

On a serious note, the Babadağ road should be the preserve of the sober and that’s assuming they are competent, confident drivers in the first place.

In the darkness, on the way down the mountain and as the temperature creeps up to those of a balmy summer night, there are glimpses of Fethiye – a magical light show, stretching as far as the eye can see… what a wonderfully different way to spend an evening.

Prices and Menu


6.30 pm-8.30 pm.

Standard menu : 70 TL (approx 20GBP)
* soup
* 4 appetizer
* green seasonal salad
* Hot appetizer
* main course (meat ball or chicken steak with side dishes)
* tea & coffee

Deluxe menu : 100 TL (approx 28GBP)
* soup
* 6 appetizers
* green seasonal salad
* 2 hot appetizer
* main course (Steak /file fish/meat ball/chicken steak with side dishes)
* 2 glass soft drinks/beer/wine as follows:
2 glasses EFES or BOMONTI or
2 glasses red /rose/white vine (Ancyra or similar); or
2 glasses vodka or gin or similar

How to Get There

During the day if you just want a trip to the cafe then  there is a regular dolmus service as follows:

Every day (except Tuesday) OLUDENIZ SHUTTLE regular tariff;
Oludeniz –babadag : 10.00, 12.00, 14.00. 16.00 (price : 11’50 tl/person one-way)
Oludeniz –babadag : 10.10, 12.10, 14.10. 16.10 (price : 8’50 tl/person one-way)
Babadag –oludeniz : 11.00, 13.00, 13.00. 17.00 (price : 11’50 tl/person one-way)

In the evening call the restuarant for their minibus service details. Contact details at the end of the article.

Check in Advance

We would recommend you always check in advance before making the trip and to confirm the transfer details if you require it.

Contact Ahmet Sadic


Tel: +90 530 3491292