Taking the guess work out of where to eat in Fethiye is one of the aims of this series of Fethiye restaurant and cafe reviews.

The Lure of the Board

We often pass the harbourside cafes on the way into town but never really used them. But on this day it was just at the point were we were feeling peckish, so the lure of the board, bright red tables and chairs next to the waterside seemed appealing.

We chose a classic Balik Ekmek – fish in a bread roll and Midye Tava which is battered Mussels, a couple of

Ayrans (plain yoghurt drink) seemed the appropriate choice to wash it all down.

There was no menu, just the board. Apart from Mussels in bread, there were two other options for Mussels on the menu – Mussels Tava and Mussels on the plate.  One was 7 Lira, the other 13. Needless to say since I didn’t make it clear which one I wanted, they assumed the dearer one.

Lesson: Always make it clear which option you are choosing.

The young waiter prepared our table, and asked if we wanted the ayran now or with the food, we chose the latter.

It wasn’t long before the meals arrived.  The food was all well cooked and the batter crispy and lightly spiced, but not in a hot way.

The fish itself was tender, and tasty and in a medium sized standard turkish half loaf.

The four skewers of battered, deep-fried mussels were accompanied by a yoghurt, herb and garlic dip, a light salad and pickles.

Fethiye restuarant reviews
Fish in Bread
Fethiye restuarant and cafe reviews - Balik Ekmek
Fethiye Eats – Mussels in Batter

Unfortunately the waiter had to be reminded to bring cutlery, napkins and the ayran.

Price For a fish sandwich, Mussels and salad, two Ayrans : 24 Turkish Lira

Star Rating

Fethiye Restuarant Review - Pinara Park Cafe
The food was ok.
A fairly nice location by the waterside and great for people watching.
The waiter did forget a few things like our drinks and cutlery, but he was young and they were quite busy.
Value for Moneywww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
Again just OK and walking down the promenade we found the same menu offerings for a lower price.
Fethiye Times Overall Rating for this Restuarant is:

The Final Verdict

Simple little cafe, good for a tea and a quick refuelling, while watching the world go by.

Fethiye Restuarant Review