On this occasion we visited the Adanali Hasa Kolcuoglu restaurant on the Fethiye promenade. But we got a bit more than we bargained for at this restaurant that specialises in regional food from Adana, Turkey.

The beautiful town of Fethiye in south west Turkey offers an opportunity to try out delicious dishes from all over Turkey.

Turkey is a large country with a diverse range of local and regional dishes. Luckily visitors to this picturesque and bustling town do not have to travel all over Turkey to try them out because Fethiye has attracted restaurateurs from all over the country to set up their eateries here.

So east meets west meets all points of the compass in the town.

Fethiye Eats – Adanali Hasa Kolcuoglu

The Adanali Hasa Kolcuoglu restaurant is located in a stylish three story building over the road from the promenade and offers a taste from the Adana region of Turkey some 800km east of Fethiye.

The tables in the restaurant offer amazing views of Fethiye Bay over three floors without the hustle and bustle actually being on the promenade itself.

We visited on a Tuesday night at the end of April when the restaurant was quiet. The restaurant has open air seating on the top floor of the building but we chose to sit on a table by the window on the second floor as the end of April can be a bit chilly after sunset.

We were seated by our waiter and immediately water was poured. The menu was presented but was only available in Turkish which makes us assume that the clientele of this restaurant are mostly Turkish, and certainly our fellow diners that night were.

We asked the waiter what was good to eat and he asked “are you hungry?” Yes we replied. “Then you must try the fixed menu.” Why not we said.

Big Appetite Required

Well what came was a surprise indeed!

The first course was delivered to our table with aplomb. Dish after dish of salads and meze (Turkish cold starters) were neatly laid out on our table. There were 11 dishes in total plus bread ranging from the spicy cig kofte to the almost blue-cheese strong flavours of tulum cheese and the sweet taste of a shepherds salad, smooth smokey aubergine salad and red pickled peppers to top off the rainbow of colours and flavours.

As well as the cold starters, there were morsels of warm dishes – icli kofte (meat balls), lahmacun (small pizza) warm humus and small cheese pide bread.

A taste of all these great dishes whetted our appetite for the next course.

The main course was the signature dish of this restaurant and the delivery of a very long and thin pide bread was a clue as what was coming next.

A 100cm kebab, yep 1 meter!

Fethiye Eats - The signature dish - a 1 meter kebab!
Fethiye Eats – The signature dish – a 1 meter kebab!

The chef complete in his whites arrived at our table holding a long sword skewer loaded with meats including chicken and lamb all laid on top of a 1 metre long Adana kebap….wow. It was all laid out on the bread and the chef smiled.

The spicy Adana kebab made with fine beef mince packed a nice chilli punch that combines well with the other meats and side dishes.

With the buttons on our clothes now feeling the pressure of our extending waistlines came the final course; dessert.

Fresh local strawberries dusted with icing sugar, kiwi fruit, water melon, honeydew melon, kunefe (shredded wheat soaked in syrup with nuts) and a milk pudding and bit like a crème brûlée only lighter in texture and flavour.

The meal was finished off with a traditional Turkish coffee complete with two small blocks of lokum (Turkish delight).


The fixed menu cost 45 TL per person. Drinks extra.

Star Rating

Fethiye Restuarant Review - Adanali Hasa Kolcuoglu
A great range of tasty, well cooked Turkish dishes, and plenty of it!
The atmosphere could have been better, but it was a quiet Tuesday, so this is not really a complaint.
The staff were attentive and friendly. When they saw us struggling with the main, they offered to bag up what we couldn’t finish. We had that for lunch the next day.
Value for Moneywww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.comwww.dyerware.com
A lot of bang for your buck or shall we say kebab for your Kurus!!
Fethiye Times Overall Rating for this Restuarant is:


The Final Verdict

For the shear range of dishes, flavours, quantity and service this establishment it is well worth visiting the Adanali Hasa Kolcuoglu restaurant on the Fethiye promenade. But just make sure you are hungry if you go for the fixed menu!

Fethiye Restuarant Review