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Fethiye, Turkey
Saturday, January 19, 2019
Thomas Cook Airbus A321 at Dalaman Airport July 2014

New Daily Flight From Birmingham to Dalaman in 2015

More flights to Dalaman from Birmingham in 2015 as airline expands.
The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam

The Turkish Tourist Visa Scam

The Turkish Tourist Visa scam is just one of the Turkish Holiday Rip Offs You Need to Know About. One wrong click or tap and you...

Travel Light – Bundle Don’t Fold

On a recent trip to the other side of the world we took the bold step to break free from the restrictive world of...

How Posting and Boasting on Social Media Could Cost You Dearly

A fab Facebook status update from a golden beach, an innocent Instagram image of you with your feet up to a Twitter from on...

Travel Section on Fethiye Times

We will be creating a new section on Fethiye Times to bring all travel in, around, to and from Fethiye into one place. Original content...
Experience the true meaning of Turquoise

Experience the true meaning of Turquoise

Stretching from Antalya to Marmaris, the Turquoise Coast is the most dramatic, varied and unspoilt area in Turkey. The Turquoise Coast Hemmed in by stunning mountains...

Top Five – Holiday Hacks

Save time, money and enjoy your Turkish holiday just a little bit more with our top our top five holiday hacks. Suntan Crime Buying sun tan...
Dalaman airport

Getting from Dalaman Airport to Your Turkish Holiday Destination

In this article we explain most of the ways you can get from Dalaman Airport to Ölüdeniz, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kalkan and beyond. If you are...
Alaturka featured Image

Your Turkish Holiday: 8 Must-See Destinations

Turkey has a vast culture, great people, fantastic food and top destinations. Listed below are 8 must see destinations to add to your Turkish bucket...

Live, laugh and don’t forget the sunscreen!

It's that time of year again - holiday time! Flights and accommodation are booked, new summer outfits are packed and ready to go. Toiletries packed....

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Make the most of your holiday with Discover Car Hire

In everyday life, cars are the preferred method of getting around however,  according to Mintel’s Holiday Car Hire UK 2017 report, only 33% of...
Discover Car Hire

Discover Car Hire

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