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Fethiye, Turkey
Sunday, January 20, 2019


Helpful information if you own a Turkish property.

Storm drains full after winter deluge in fethiye, Turkey

Property – Fix Those Leaks Now

The wet weather over the last few days is a timely reminder to check property for leaks before the really heavy stuff arrives in...

Property Sellers Beware!

A property transaction in Calıs, Fethiye has left both Turkish and foreigners feeling they have been totally ‘ripped off’ but where does the responsibility...

Crime Won’t Crack Itself – Time to Get Organised

According to emails we have received and conversations the level of burglaries in our area now seems to be reaching epidemic proportions. But what...

Tuzla Post Ready for Collection

If you live in Tuzla you can now pick up your post from a handy location. Post for foreign residents of Tuzla is...

A Moving Experience

Many people have moved themselves and all their worldly possession to their new homes in Turkey, but one reader is on the way back...
Invest your money in a second holiday home, buy to-let or student digs for your child

Invest your money in a second holiday home, buy to-let or student digs for...

By DOMINIC CONNOLLY and SIOBHAN MCFADYEN FOR THE MAIL ON SUNDAY There may come a time in your life when – either through canny saving...

Top Website Plans a Smooth Move

They say moving home is one of the most stressful things in our modern day lives but a new free website could reduce the...
Turkish real estate laws relaxed August 2012

The Condominium Law – Time to Get Organised

If you live in a Turkish apartment block or in a property on a shared site Turkish law dictates how, amongst other things, the...

Turkish Mortgages Just Around the Corner

Earlier this year the Turkish Government passed a ground breaking law that will formalize the way forward for banks to offer domestic mortgages. ...

Crime Won’t Crack Itself – Secure Your Property

Opportunity creates a thief as the saying goes. So take away the opportunity and they will move on. In this article we look at...

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