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Property and Utilities

Property and Utilities

Property and utilities guides, tips and information.

Telephone E-Billing = Free Calls

Do you want to save paper and get some free telephone calls? Then make sure you read our article on how to get your...
As part of National Police Week a leaflet has been printed in Turkish warning about the possibilities of mobile phone fraud

Add Credit to your Turkcell Phone Anywhere in the World

Did you know that you don’t need to leave your Turkcell phone with a friend or neighbour when you leave Turkey to ensure it...

Understanding your Turkish Electricity Bill

Confused by your Turkish electricty bill and wondering what all those figures mean. We explain in our guide when your meter will be read,...

Tuzla Post Ready for Collection

If you live in Tuzla you can now pick up your post from a handy location. Post for foreign residents of Tuzla is...

Sales of Property to Foreigners Suspended Again

An amendment to the sale of property law to foreigners misses a deadline but promises have been made to correct the situation. In...

Insuring your Turkish Property – Part 2

We continue our guide to holiday property insurance by looking at the compulsory earthquake insurance called DASK. If...

Turk Telekom Forced To Change Prices

Call costs change again with the third ‘new’ tariff this year. It’s been a tough year for Turk Telekom. Their new...
Storm drains full after winter deluge in fethiye, Turkey

Property – Fix Those Leaks Now

The wet weather over the last few days is a timely reminder to check property for leaks before the really heavy stuff arrives in...

Cheaper Phone Calls?

With one of the highest rates in the world Turkish communication tax comes under the spotlight. Well what a week it’s been for...

Amnesty for Tax Dodgers

The Tax Department is getting tough on tax dodgers. The Istanbul Tax Department is getting tough on tax dodgers but is being clever...

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Volkan’s Adventures – unique and exclusive tours

There are many excursion companies in holiday areas offering a multitude of trips; jeep safaris, paragliding, scuba diving, mini breaks and much more. Whilst...
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