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Turkish culture and history

Enjoy our articles all about this fascinating country.

Book Review – Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Jane Austen's classic has been 're-mixed' by Seth Grahame-Smith to see just how agreeable all those classic characters would really be if they should...

“Very superstitious” – a guide to Turkish superstitions

Superstitions have a great place in society and most people exhibit some superstitious behaviour without even realising it. Do you walk under ladders? Do...

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Germany is credited with starting the Christmas tree tradition as we now know it in the 16th century when devout Christians brought decorated trees...

Beyşehir – The Past Restored

When we first visited Beyşehir in late 2005, the wonderful mosque was surrounded by buildings of a similar age all crying out for restoration....

Mother Syessa: a novel take on Anatolian history

Inspired by his research into the ancient and antique history of southern Turkey, local author Birol Ganioğlu has written the Soothsayer of Thelmessos trilogy...
Victory Day and the Feast of Sacrifice

Victory Day and the Feast of Sacrifice

This week sees two Turkish national holidays fall within a few days of each other leading to the announcement of an extended ten-day public...

Timeless Anatolian music in Kayaköy

Last week, on June 11th, a group of talented musicians came together for a unique concert in Kayaköy; one of Fethiye's most historic and evocative...
The temple at Ephesus

Ephesus & Aphrodisias

Long term readers may have noticed that Fethiye Times has not yet taken a trip anywhere this summer. Well now we have, and...

Ayran: Turkey’s refreshing yogurt drink

The weather has certainly taken a turn for the hotter over the last few days and, once again, our thoughts turn to ways of keeping...

Keeping Fethiye’s Yörük heritage alive: part two

Life as a Yörük Meryem Balıkçı and Ümmügülsüm Çelik live in Fethiye and, to anyone who doesn’t know them, they seem to be ordinary residents...

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Holiday Guest Registration Management with Property 4 Sale Turkey

Holiday guest registration management with Property 4 Sale Turkey Here at www.property4saleturkey.com, we have been registering short term paying renters and non paying friends and...
A new home for Turkey Homes

A new home for Turkey Homes

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