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Anything to do with Turkey and Fethiye

Clocks go forward by 1 hour in Turkey on Sunday 28 March 2010 at 3am

Fall Back for Daylight Saving Time

Don’t forget the clocks go back one hour this Saturday night/Sunday morning. But why do they change and what is Daylight Saving Time? ...

The Liquid Amber Tree – Liquid Gold that’s Losing Part of its Shine

The Liquid Amber Tree or Günlük ağacı in Turkish is an important tree of Fethiye. It once produced a large, valuable and unique export....
Paperback writer

Have You Got a Book in You?

If you’re a keen blogger, you may be delighted to know that it’s now easier than ever to branch out into publishing your own...
Loggrhead Turtle in Fethiye bay

Student Patrol Protects Turtle Nests

The beaches along the Fethiye coastline including the long and sandy Calis Beach, Fethiye are some of the most important for the incubation of...

Learning Turkish- Logic Reigns Supreme – or Does It?

They say that Turkish is easy to learn because it is so logical, there are few exceptions, no gender and neuter forms to master....

Asphodel – a plant with a history

At the moment the asphodel are in bloom everywhere around Fethiye. But did you know that they gave their name to a section...

Espresso Coffee Beans Now Available in Fethiye

If you like a good strong shot of coffee but don’t want to pay over the odds in Turkish supermarkets in Fethiye then read...

Forty Years of Change in Turkey – Dancing Bears

Forty years ago wild bears were a common feature in Turkey as they danced with their owners. This photograph...

Nasreddin Hoja – Fables from the East

A Turkish folk hero from the past who is still making people think and laugh today.   Nasreddin Hoja was...
Bodrum Castle 1964

Forty years of change in Turkey – Bodrum

Bodrum was once a sleepy little fishing village 40 years ago. How things change.   Forty years ago I lived...

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