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Palmyra – amazing tombs

Living in Lycia with its plethora of rock tombs, it's hard to be impressed by tombs elsewhere. But Palmyra definitely has a unique...
Palmyra – Syria's Ephesus

Palmyra – Syria’s Ephesus

The ruins are spectacular and are overlooked by a 16th century Arab castle from which you should go to view the ruins at...

Syria – Food

If you have a sweet tooth, then Damascus is the place for you. In general the food is similar to...

Damascus – museum and a familiar mosque

Damascus is home to Syria’s National Museum which has a huge garden full of statues, columns and other odd bits of stonework for which...

Damascus – more of the old city

We’ve already written about the amazing sights to be seen in the old city of Damascus but here are a few more images. ...
Azem han Damascus

Damascus – Hans

Hans, or caravanserais, are amongst our favourite type of buildings and the old city of Damascus is rich in them. ...

Damascus – another Azem Palace

Regular readers will already have seen our article on the Azem Palace in Hama – well the man who built that was later promoted...
Syrian Environment Association (SEA) Damascus

Syria – a small eco initiative

Syria has the worst record in the Middle East in terms of environmental issues but there is a small initiative which is the first...
Al Nawfara, is home to the last professional storyteller in Syria: Abu Shady (pronounce it 'Shah-di')

Damascus – the last of his kind

Next to the walls of the Ummayad Mosque two old Damascene coffee houses are still in business. One of them, Al Nawfara, is...

Damascus – Ummayad Mosque

The site of the Mosque was originally the Romans' Temple of Jupiter, then the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist (whose head is allegedly...

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Turkey Homes – Fethiye Property Market in 2018

In a recent meeting with Tolga Ertukel, the director of Turkey Homes real estate company based in London, UK, he gave Fethiye Times his...
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