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Monday, March 19, 2018

Ancient Times – Sagalassos Revisited – Part 1

We returned to the ancient site of Sagalassos recently and found some great progress to the ongoing excavations and that the free guides are...
Hellenistic Doorway

Lycia – Sidyma

We're still in Sidyma this week, discovering a few more of its gems. If you do go to Sidyma the...
The Village Square

Lycia – Sidyma

Continuing our Lycia series, let's go check out the little-visited Sidyma. To get there head towards Patara down the Xanthus...
Lycian Sarcophagi

Lycia – The Fellows Factor

A lot of Lycian artefacts are actually in the British Museum, and that's down to a chap called Charles Fellows. ...
Lycian Design Wooden Barn

Lycia – Leaving a Legacy on the Landscape

It's not just rock tombs and sarcophagi, is the architectural legacy of Lycians is still alive and well today? The...
Rocks Tombs, Dalyan

Lycia – Setting the Scene

Before we explore some of the fantastic Lycian sites in our area, let's set the scene with a bit of background.. ...

Lycia – We Live Here – A New Series

We’ve written about major historic sites all over Turkey and in neighbouring countries of Syria and Georgia but, apart from one article on Cadianda,...
Traditional skill of creating braids by a Yoruk woman Fethiye April 2010

Yörük – then and now

A new Yörük museum was opened in Karaçulha, Fethiye this week. But who are the Yörük? The word ‘Yörük’ is...

Istanbul – Greek Orthodox Patriarchate

For the Greek Orthodox church Istanbul (or Constantinopouli as they call it) is as important as Rome is to the Catholics.   ...

Istanbul – Forum Mall & IKEA

Istanbul is not only a great place to see history but also a great place to do a bit of shopping too and The...

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Yakamoz Hotel – preparing for the summer season

It's that time of year when you dream of an end to dreary grey winter days and look forward to a holiday in the...
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