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Fethiye, Turkey
Thursday, November 23, 2017
Working together to Keep Fethiye Clean!

Working together to Keep Fethiye Clean

Earlier in the year, we wrote an article about Mick Scarsbrook (Mick Amca) and his personal campaign to keep Fethiye clean. Please click on the...
Fethiye’s frogs are more than just a springtime chorus

Fethiye’s frogs are more than just a springtime chorus

“When we save the frogs, we’re protecting all our wildlife, all our ecosystems and all humans.” Dr. Kerry Kriger, Founder & Executive Director of SAVE...

Fethiye recycling isn’t rubbish

There are times when the sight of carelessly discarded rubbish on the beach and fly tipping on quiet forest roads fill us with despair. No...

International sea turtle conference to be held in Muğla

For more than one hundred million years sea turtles have been summer visitors to the Turkish Mediterranean coast. Even today Turkish shores have some of...

Fethiye’s Blue Wave project is on a role

Perhaps you are already thinking about coming to Fethiye next year for a spot of sailing, or maybe you are dreaming of relaxing on...

World Environment Day – connecting people to nature

Monday was World Environment Day (WED), which occurs on 5 June every year. What is World Environment Day? It is the United Nation's principal vehicle for...

‘If winter comes, can spring be far behind?’

This year Fethiye’s people, nature and countryside have certainly been tested and teased by the weather. Come rain, wind or shine... Throughout February there have been torrential...

Fethiye in the Autumn

It may be a bit corny to quote the famous poem 'Ode to Autumn' by John Keats, but this time of year in Fethiye...
Special award for Mick at Mavi Dalga (Blue Wave) ceremony

Special award for Mick at Mavi Dalga (Blue Wave) ceremony

This article was written by Şemsi Toprak for the Travel Foundation A meeting and award ceremony was organised by the Blue Wave project partners on...

A Time Traveller’s Paradise

OK, first of all this isn't a story about Fethiye. It is a place that takes about 4 hours to drive there, so it's...

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Have you tried YellAli’s new FIND A TRADER service?

YellAli.com takes the stress out of finding a local builder or tradesman, which we know can be a challenging task. We handle everything We handle everything,...
A new home for Turkey Homes

A new home for Turkey Homes

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