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Saturday, February 24, 2018
Loggerhead Turtle removed from tank prior to release

Dalyan Turtle Rescue Centre Saves Another Life

An injured Turtle found near Fethiye last week was taken to the rehabilitation centre located on Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan. But what does the centre...

Fethiye recycling isn’t rubbish

There are times when the sight of carelessly discarded rubbish on the beach and fly tipping on quiet forest roads fill us with despair. No...
Mandrake: mythology, mystery, magic and madness

Mandrake: mythology, mystery, magic and madness

A native of southern Europe and Turkey, the mandrake grows in open woodland, uncultivated fields, graveyards and stony places. Its flowers, which appear in...

World Environment Day – connecting people to nature

Monday was World Environment Day (WED), which occurs on 5 June every year. What is World Environment Day? It is the United Nation's principal vehicle for...
Birthday party pick up

Mick’s Birthday pick up party

What do you do on your birthday? Have a party, go out for a meal, go away on holiday? Not Mick Scarsbrook. Mick Scarsbrook is...

Sea Shore Savers hit the beach for the third year running

Every year at this time, there's a flurry of activity to clean up the beaches in readiness for the season. Çalış Kids Club (ÇKC)...

Fethiye Council Kerbside Recycling of Electrical Items On Target

Fethiye Council announced news about their new Fethiye recycling service aimed at reducing the waste, pollution and threats posed by the dumping of old...
How the Travel Foundation is protecting the waters of Fethiye

How the Travel Foundation is protecting the waters of Fethiye

This article was first published by TTG Media and is reproduced with the kind permission of the Travel Foundation. Wendy Moore, head of research and...
Working together to Keep Fethiye Clean!

Working together to Keep Fethiye Clean

Earlier in the year, we wrote an article about Mick Scarsbrook (Mick Amca) and his personal campaign to keep Fethiye clean. Please click on the...
Holiday Extras and Girl Vs Globe - a visit to Fethiye

Holiday Extras and Girl Vs Globe – a visit to Fethiye

This article was written by Şemsi Toprak, Project Coordinator for the Travel Foundation in Turkey. Thanks to customer donations, Holiday Extras is supporting the Travel Foundation’s work across the...

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For Sale in Göcek- large ground floor duplex 2 bedroom...

Price 95,000€ This 135m2 duplex ground floor apartment is located in beautiful Göcek with its six marinas, beautiful bay, and spectacular scenery. The property is only...
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