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Fethiye, Turkey
Monday, December 18, 2017

Gallery – Springing into life!

This is Uçansu - Flying water. These spectacular falls are close to Gömbe, in the yayla (highlands) above Kaş. As Serpil shows in these lovely photos taken last weekend, this is a perfect place to go for a spring walk. But we'd probably pass on the...

Ten Scenes of Fethiye for you to Share this Christmas

The Fethiye Times' Team would like to wish all our readers a very happy and relaxing Christmas, wherever you are in the world... Here are ten of our favourite photographs taken in and around Fethiye over the past decade.

Fethiye Times Postcard Number 5 – Spring

Spring Our Fethiye Times Fethiye postcard series continues. This is Fethiye postcard number 5 for you to share with friends, family or others to spread the word about this wonderful place on earth.

Fethi Bey 2016 Memorial in Pictures

The memorial of the Turkish aviator Fethi Bey took place in Fethiye, Turkey today 27 February 2016. It was the 102 anniversary of his death. Fethiyetimes.com

Fethiye Scenes – Sunset Over Fethiye Bay

The sun sets over Fethiye Bay on a May evening after the rain has moved on
The sun sets over Fethiye Bay and behind Yarim Adi with small boats bobbing on the calm waters.

Fethiye Bay – For Sailing

Fethiye Postcard to share with your friends and spread the word about this wonderful place.

Taking in the View

A couple take in the view of Fethiye Bay from the promenade
Taking in the view of Fethiye Bay on a spring afternoon.

From hazy mornings to stunning sunsets – an October round up in photos

It looks like  summer is finally over. Blue skies and sunshine have been replaced with clouds and the threat of rain, summer dresses and t-shirts with jeans and jumpers and flip flops with thick socks and boots. We have to say that we have had a...

Floral Fethiye

A red geranium in a planter on Fethiye promenade with Fethiye in the background
The vivid red of the a Geranium with Fethiye, Turkey in the background.

Fethiye’s furtive and friendly felines

Wherever you are in Fethiye there will be at least one pair of feline eyes watching, waiting… Some are much-loved pets, others are feral but they all add to the colourful character of the town. Camouflaged, comfortable, curious Over the years there have been attempts to limit...

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Holiday Guest Registration Management with Property 4 Sale Turkey

Holiday guest registration management with Property 4 Sale Turkey Here at www.property4saleturkey.com, we have been registering short term paying renters and non paying friends and...
A new home for Turkey Homes

A new home for Turkey Homes

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