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Fethiye, Turkey
Monday, December 18, 2017

Floral Fethiye

A red geranium in a planter on Fethiye promenade with Fethiye in the background
The vivid red of the a Geranium with Fethiye, Turkey in the background.

Fethi Bey 2016 Memorial in Pictures

The memorial of the Turkish aviator Fethi Bey took place in Fethiye, Turkey today 27 February 2016. It was the 102 anniversary of his death. Fethiyetimes.com

Taking in the View

A couple take in the view of Fethiye Bay from the promenade
Taking in the view of Fethiye Bay on a spring afternoon.

Gallery – Springing into life!

This is Uçansu - Flying water. These spectacular falls are close to Gömbe, in the yayla (highlands) above Kaş. As Serpil shows in these lovely photos taken last weekend, this is a perfect place to go for a spring walk. But we'd probably pass on the...

Fethiye Times Postcard – Number 4

Our Fethiye Times Fethiye postcard series continues. This is Fethiye postcard number 4 for you to share with friends, family or others to spread the word about this wonderful place on earth.

Shades of grey in Fethiye

It's winter in Fethiye and the rainy season has arrived; although it isn't always. We think it's a beautiful time of year and if it wasn't for the rain it wouldn't be so green during the other months. Here are 15 of our favourite seasonal photos...

Fethiye Times Postcard Number 1

Feel free to send your Fethiye postcard number 1 to friends family or....anyone. The first Fethiye Times Fethiye postcard. Feel free to share with friends, family or.......anyone. Spread the word about Fethiye, this wonderful place on earth.

Gallery – The Shoe Doctor

The window of a cobblers shop invites the inquistive to take a look inside.
The window of a cobblers in a Fethiye street invites the inquistive to take a look inside. And, around the front of the shop, is some of that day's work in progress. You can still find a number of cobblers in the centre of Fethiye repairing...

Fethiye Sunset in June

Fethiye sunset in June looking towards Sovalye Island from Fethiye
Fethiye sunsets are amazing as this picture taken in early June 2014 shows. The weather had been changeable all week and cloud was still hanging around when this picture was taken. The cloud just adds to the interest and contrasts the fantastic colours with dramatic effect. Thanks...

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year to all our readers! 

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Holiday Guest Registration Management with Property 4 Sale Turkey

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A new home for Turkey Homes

A new home for Turkey Homes

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