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Friday, November 16, 2018

Who drives round with a Turkish flag draped over their car?

We’ve all seen them, indeed some sharp eyed readers may even have noticed that there is a cycle to the flags on vehicles syndrome....

Amazing Ramazan Pictures

The holy month of Ramazan ended last night and our link brings you some amazing images of the event from around the Muslim world....

More on Turkish surnames

There is no end to the interesting surnames www.fethiyetimes.com uncovers. Mr & Mrs Naked for example! There is no end to...

Turkish village weddings – 2

Whilst the wedding ceremony may be different one custom that has been wholeheartedly adopted from the west is that of the wedding cake. ...

Turkish village weddings – Part 1

If you have not yet attended a village wedding here, don’t worry, you are certain to be invited to one in due course. We...

The Holy Month of Ramazan

Ramazan begins on 1st September. Read more in our essential guide. The Islamic holy month of Ramazan (known as Ramadan in most other...

More on Turkish surnames

Some time ago we wrote about the fun to be had translating Turkish surnames and gave some examples. Now we add a few more...

Making mistakes in Turkish

Can I have a 'rip-off' please? The Fethiye Times Turkish speaker learned the language when young and, approaching sixty, is still learning.  The...

Teach Yourself Turkish with your Computer

We’ve seen many courses both on-line and in books that promise you’ll learn Turkish easily but now we think we’ve really found one. ...

Turkish Public Holidays 2008

Important dates for your 2008 diary. Important dates for your 2008 diary include the Turkish national holidays. On these days or half days...

fethiye, turkey
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Magical Kaş – where lush mountains meet the Turkish Mediterranean

World-class sailing and water sports combined with easy access to mountain activities and historical sites are helping to transform the Turkish town of Kaş...
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