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Fethiye, Turkey
Sunday, March 18, 2018
Ramazan begins this year on 20th July.

Ramazan Drummer

I am awakened at around 3am by a furious sound of drumming on the other side of the window. What is it? ...
Ramazan begins this year on 20th July.

Ramazan – The Holy Month of Fasting

The holy month of Ramazan begins on August 11th when observant Muslim’s will fast from sunrise to sunset. But how will it affect you?...

Ramazan – The Big Bang

If you live in or around Fethiye you can’t help but notice the nightly big bang that marks the end of that day’s Ramazan...

Who drives round with a Turkish flag draped over their car?

We’ve all seen them, indeed some sharp eyed readers may even have noticed that there is a cycle to the flags on vehicles syndrome....

Kurban Bayrami – The Long Holiday

The Festival of the Sacrifice is under two weeks away. It begins on the afternoon of Sunday 7th December and will run through until...

Amazing Ramazan Pictures

The holy month of Ramazan ended last night and our link brings you some amazing images of the event from around the Muslim world....

More on Turkish surnames

There is no end to the interesting surnames www.fethiyetimes.com uncovers. Mr & Mrs Naked for example! There is no end to...

Turkish village weddings – 2

Whilst the wedding ceremony may be different one custom that has been wholeheartedly adopted from the west is that of the wedding cake. ...

Turkish village weddings – Part 1

If you have not yet attended a village wedding here, don’t worry, you are certain to be invited to one in due course. We...

The Holy Month of Ramazan

Ramazan begins on 1st September. Read more in our essential guide. The Islamic holy month of Ramazan (known as Ramadan in most other...

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Yakamoz Hotel – preparing for the summer season

It's that time of year when you dream of an end to dreary grey winter days and look forward to a holiday in the...
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