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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Google Translate – A Mobile App We Have All Been Waiting For

Are you struggling to learn Turkish and find you are misunderstood even when making the simplest of sentences? Well Google have an App that...

Fethiye Continues to Grow as a Hotspot for Brits Relocating to Turkey

Brits top resident foreigners settling in 'Boutique' Fethiye according to a local charity. But what is the attraction with this Turkish destination? ...

Pet Owner Responsibilities in Turkey

Are you a pet owner? Do you know your reponsibilities to your pets under Turkish Law? If not read on.     ...
Is Turkey still a good deal for expats

Is Turkey the Viable Choice for Expats as it Once Was?

Back in the early Noughties the dream of owning your own villa-with-a-pool abroad along with a low cost of living in Turkey was an...
Buying books in Fethiye

Buying books in Fethiye

If, like us, you enjoy reading a good book but find it hard to get hold of sufficient reading material locally – read on....

April Fool 2010

It was all a shaggy dog story....April Fool. The real Mr Kaya also known as the Furry Philosopher
Our new post box

Get Sorted this January

If you have a post box at the down town branch of the post office and want to continue to use in 2010 it...
The Furry Philosopher – The Changing Face of Village Life

The Furry Philosopher – The Changing Face of Village Life

I am Mister Kaya; the only furry philosopher in the village of Kaya Koy near Fethiye. You may know me, or you may not...

New Card Shop Open!

Last week, Fethiye Times went along to the opening of ‘The Card Shop 2’ in Calis to see what was on offer. ...

Alo179 Visitor Complaint Line Secures Gem Refund

The new complaint line secures a refund for a British visitor who bought a gem stone in good faith but later found out it...

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What is it that makes the perfect holiday?

Everyone loves a holiday! How many times have you wished you could stay forever? But what exactly is it that makes the perfect holiday? Here's a recipe...

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