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Fethiye, Turkey
Saturday, January 19, 2019
FT goes Camel Wrestling

Fethiye Times Meets a Camel!

As publicised last week, Camel wrestling came to Fethiye and we just had to go and check out the action. ...
a water fountain

Public Fountains and Taps – Part 2

Immortalised with running water, how to estabilish a public water fountain. Of course the reader who originally asked about this...
water tap and cup

Public fountains and taps – Part 1

They are often a life saver of a hot day, but what's the story behind all the public water fountains and taps? ...

Kingfisher Spotting in and Around Fethiye

Have you ever spotted a Kingfisher? They are one of those birds that can go un-noticed yet are more common than you would think...
Monk Seal

Bleak future for Mediterranean mammals

The latest assessment of Mediterranean mammals shows that one in six is threatened with extinction at a regional level, according to the IUCN Red...

A Pine Romance

When we think of honey and bees, it is usually in association with flowers but in Muğla Province, delicious honey is produced from a...

British Ambassador arrives in Fethiye to greet the “Conquer the Coastline Canoeists.”

On Tuesday 3rd July, Nick Baird, the British Ambassador to Turkey, arrived in Fethiye in support of Jason Hayward Jones the canoeist on his...

Wildlife & Swimming Pools

Tales from the pool side just got more interesting. Even though your pool water has chemicals added regularly, it would seem it can...

fethiye, turkey
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