Important information regarding private property adverts placed on Fethiye Times

All properties advertised on Fethiye Times are for sale direct from their owners. Fethiye Times makes a charge for advertising the property or properties as set out on our schedule of rates. This payment represents a financial consideration for the use of the site space and exposure to readers globally.

Fethiye Times is not an estate agency and receives no commission on the sale of any property advertised on the site. Fethiye Times will not enter into any agreement that involves advertising a private property in return for a commission on a sale basis.

However, via third party advertising such as Google specific estate agencies may pay to place adverts on Fethiye Times. Fethiye Times does not receive any commission for the sale of real estate but a flat fee based on the exposure and use of the advertising space Fethiye Times. Fethiye Times does not have any direct link with those real estate agencies that advertise via third party ad servers such as Google.

The advert is placed in good faith that the person(s) advertising the property(ies) is the real owner of the property(ies) and not an agent. Fethiye Times cannot accept responsibility for adverts placed by property owners or persons pretending to be property owners that contain misleading or incorrect information. It is up to buyers to ensure that they or their legal representatives make all the necessary checks to ensure that property offered for sale is of a suitable standard of build, has legal title, planning permissions and other requirements as stated within the laws of Turkey.