Turkey Homes, an overseas property company with offices around the world are stepping up their game in 2016 by placing the spotlight on the Fethiye region.

Their headquarters, based in the bustling metropolis of London, are using various social media websites and British newspapers to highlight the delights of Fethiye and prove why it is an idyllic destination for people considering buying property abroad.

The owner, Tolga Ertukel who has worked in the Turkish property industry for fifteen years is keen to point out to potential investors the overwhelming advantages of the Fethiye market.

He says:

the excellent value per square metre of property and potential capital growth for apartments and villas is advantageous over other areas in the country where there is little potential for development and change.

He is also keen to inform potential buyers building a buy-to-let investment portfolio that Fethiye is ahead of the game having firmly established itself in the tourism market. While in past years, it lagged behind the tourism mecca of Antalya, it now matches it regarding facilities, amenities, and themed holidays.

Highlighting well-known attractions such as the Blue Lagoon, Kayakoy Ghost Village, Butterfly Valley, and Saklikent Gorge, this is also particularly evident in the yachting industry.

Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey's tourist icon
Ölüdeniz beaches: Turkey’s tourist icon

A Pinnacle Hub of the Turkish Riviera

Attracting buyers with an interest in sailing has been easy for Turkey Homes, because while the yachting scene in Bodrum mainly focuses on upmarket clientele, Fethiye has become a main hub of the Turkish Riviera by providing budget as well as luxury sailing holidays.

Cabin charters on the 4-day Fethiye to Antalya route is inexpensive and affordable, attracting round-the-world backpackers while those with increased budgets upgrade to their own boat for the day or week.

Gulet 068
Lazy days in Gocek and 12 Islands

Sailing clientele are specifically interested in the Gocek property market where prices start from an average of £69,000 for a three-bedroom property and head to the other scale of the market, as seen in the £925,000 4-bedroom luxury villas close to the water’s edge.

A glimpse of a gulet moored in a back near Lydae, Gocek, Turkey
A glimpse of a gulet moored in a back near Lydae, Gocek, Turkey
Gocek from the land

Alternatively, the prestigious Karagozler district of Fethiye town is also in high demand from this type of clientele because of its close distance to the marina, an established and professional docking port for boats from all over the world. Tolga also credits the popularity of this area to the fact that it is open all year round including winter.

Promoting Areas of Fethiye to the International Market

The diversity of neighbourhoods within the Fethiye Peninsula is the main theme of their promotion. Breaking their portfolio down into Ovacik, Calis, Gocek, Uzumlu, Fethiye town, Faralya and Kayakoy, they point out that shopping, eating out and nightlife choices of each district reflect the Mediterranean lifestyle that many overseas property buyers are desperately searching for.

Looking across the Gulf of Fethiye from 1st Karagözler
Looking across the Gulf of Fethiye from 1st Karagözler
Looking towards Fethiye with Şovalye Island in the foreground
Looking towards Fethiye with Şovalye Island in the foreground

Tolga, who spends his time between Turkey and the UK is proud to say that he has never had a buyer who disliked the Fethiye region.

Everyone falls in love with it, especially the British and the only reason people have given for not purchasing in the area is that their budget was not high enough.

Our British clients tend to gravitate towards the Ovacik and Calis districts, although some love the vibrancy of the city centre. They always quote the airport, frequency of flights, beaches and restaurant facilities as benefits, but say, the main reason for choosing the peninsula is that it provides everything they always imagined a life in the sun would be like.”

What Does 2016 look like for the Turkish Property Market?

Although recent news articles are suggesting a dismal year is in store for Turkey regarding tourism, Tolga Ertukel is confident that the Turkish property market will not be affected:

Most people considering buying property in Turkey already have knowledge and experience of what it is like because they have visited the country numerous times. Whereas the tourism industry is affected by people hesitant to come for the first time, property buyers are like repeat holidaymakers who have already done their research and know that the doom and gloom attitude so often featured in mainstream newspapers is a far cry from reality.

Fethiye now matches the likes of Bodrum and Antalya as a cosmopolitan destination accommodating all walks of life and we are confident that Fethiye will continue to be the ideal destination for British buyers looking to purchase overseas.”

The Kayaköy peninsula taken whilst paragliding from from Babadağ (mountain)
The Kayaköy peninsula taken whilst paragliding from Babadağ (mountain)

This is a sponsored advertorial brought to you in association with Turkey Homes.

Written by Jane Akatay