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  1. Help Please
    Where has the Search box gone from your page??? I am trying to find the great Turkish cook Book you had on there. Not sure if I like the new layout as it is not as clear as the old one where you had the side panel with items you could just click on like the Forums for instant.,or am I just being stupid?

    • Hi Sally. Please look at the top right near the Facebook, Twitter and YouTube icons. There is a magnifying glass with Search written next to it.

      Hope that helps.

    • Karen, yes in a number of ways.

      1. Download the App NEWS360 and pick Fethiye Times and our articles will be presented to you each day.
      2. Follow us on Twitter and receive our tweets that include our daily articles
      3. Follow us on Facebook and receive our daily posts to your news feed

      Hope that helps.

  2. Hi,

    I was excited to find your website. My ancestors are buried in a Jewish cemetery in Fethiye. I was told that it is about a 20 minute walk from Fethiye’s marketplace along the coastline and then walking up a hill / mountain. Does anyone know where it is located?



    • Hi Bob, There is no jewish cemetery in Fethiye but there are a few graves in a corner of one. If you send us your email address we can send you photos and directions.

  3. Frank.
    Hi, there are lots of events occurring in around Fethiye all the year round. & I never seem to get to know about them until after they have actual happened. Other people have said the same thing to me as well.
    There is four day international music festival being held in Fethiye from the 14th to the 17th but no mention of it, in (what on in Fethiye) calendar. Which I would think is where you would expect to find it. I have noticed this before with other events. There was a volley ball tournament in çaliş the other week which I missed for the same reason. You only seem to advertise market days & i know all of them. Can you tell me why this is.

    • Hi Frank, Thanks for your comment. We always try to promote local events and did just that with this weekend’s International Music Festival. Our story was posted on 7th May under news and ‘What’s On’… Here it is in case you missed it. We hope you manage to get to some, if not all of the events.
      If you live in Fethiye you will probably already be aware that events are nearly always advertised at the last minute. That’s just the way it is… and we live with it but we always do our best to let our readers know what’s happening as far in advance as possible.

  4. Hi there, my family and I are regular visitors to Turkey and have stayed in Fethiye several times. We are currently holidaying in Hisaronu and was wondering if I could pick your brain regarding a particular topic. My dad has been diagnosed with cancer and we are seeking various herbal extracts which have been reccomended for his condition (no, not that one!). Could you point us to somewhere in the area which deals in herbal remedies or chinese traditional medicine? Iknow the markets sell lots of spices but we need a few more specific items like Sophora root extract etc. Even a fethiye version of “Holland and Barrat” might be helpful. Many thanks – Mervyn, from Belfast.